Monday, July 12, 2010

jo-ann chalange 2010

jo-ann (fabrics) and i are breaking up.
it's over, from now on all of my sewing will be
100 per cent jo-ann free.

it will be hard to kick the zombiecrafter sells china junk habit,
but i've had it with them.

after my mission to lowell last weekend i need to sniff out a tip-
there is supposed to be an excelent fabric retailer there, somewhere.

i think i remember it being called bubba's fabric or somesuch..

Sunday, July 4, 2010


19" shuttle woven in 2010. $2.95 py.
i met the weaver, saw the loom in action.

i felt very patriotic spending $9 on
cotton fabric made in lowell massachusetts
i promise to make something amazing out
of it, insofar as i can.

this will be my definition of business casual

remember the hat you left at work in 1860?

know your colors by their crystal structure.

this is what is left of the boott cotton mills.
these shuttle looms are from 1900.