Friday, October 29, 2010

YAY X200 !!!

these just came in from HK
also, i just found a source in NYC
these will be in the very next batch of hats
to hit the shelves.
…and next year they will be made in the
good old U.S. of A.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

stitch - stitch, bang - bang!

good evening.
here is how things are going:

i clicked a little harder on the internet the other day and found 2
excellent sources for beautiful wool made here and and
made in england. also i started using a heavier weight of linen
for the headband and brim liner.
the new linen is dove gray or lime green, the wools are houndstooth, red 'buffalo' plaid,
and felted olive.

due to the sheer number of hats i am sewing by myself, the quality of the
sewing is increasing with each batch.

i was invited to sell the hats at the gran prix of gloucester cyclocross event.
i made a big push, sewing all week in preparation for the weekend.
it went really well, and i was impressed with
paul boudreau's really well
run event, and i met some great folks, and got a sunburn.

to change gears after sewing for 5 days i went shooting with dave at the range in
gloucester, i stunk at it, but it had been a while.

on monday
at front street cafe i swapped all of the lightweight hats out for
the most recent hat's i had made.

the boston magazine bit seems to be working as i can not keep
broadway bicycle school stocked with hats. i just handed 7 to them
thursday, i'm delivering 15 more there tomorrow.

sadly i'm out of labels. the new batch with the new design is somewhere on a boat.
i will improvise and keep up the supply until they land.

i have been calculating the exact cost of making these hats:

number of hats cut from one yard of wool fabric at $X py = X
number of hats brims cut from one yard of vinyl at $X py = X
number of headbands, brim linings cut from one yard of linen fabric at $X py = X
number of pieces of elastic cut from one package of elastic at $X = X
labels $0.33 each
thread, rotary blades, wear and tear on the sewing machine = 1% of X+X+X+X
20 mins. of labor costs at $X per hour
marketing and advertising $?

$25 direct retail minus X+X+X+X+X+X+X = the amount of fun i'm allowed to have