Sunday, February 21, 2010



i'm going totally mathematical on the sizing.
i made eve a hat from the hem of a handmade skirt from the 1970's:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


sending out the first ETSY sale!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Q: i've been sewing for a while, why am i not better at it?
A: because i typically make just one of any given item.

a partial list of sewing projects:

peg existing jeans
peg antique tuxedo pants
attempt to make tailcoat out of billboard material
goretex bivy bag
1 - 6' long stocking cap, polar fleece - rust red
aprox. 750 "matt hatter" polartec 200 6' long sticking caps
aprox 750 polartec 200 "matt hatter"headbands, ear warmers and scarfs.
aprox. 30 polartec 200 sleeping bag liners.
aprox 300 polartec "bag project" cycling water bottle bags.
BFA thesis - inflatable movable type 6' tall
misc. involvement with "armadillo cycle covers"
blue plaid bondage pants
"nutter amature wallet company" vinyl wallets - possibly 100
"matthew nutter apartment made goods" roughly 100 leather wallets,
50 small pouches, 40 handbags, 40 bracelets.
leather hearth mat "N" for the folks, for christmass.
1 male and 1 female 1440's costumes - winter - including all accessories.
tailor victorian pants and shirt.
fix roomates pants
make and install lining for civil war shell jacket.
tailor shirt and make vest from pattern for wedding
fix thom's pants
make another vest just for practice
make wool houndstooth riding pants
make eve a vest
make eve a vegan anarchist cyclist hat
make 6 more hats and list them on etsy.

there is a whole ton of other miscelaneous fixing and tailoring that i missed or can't type with two fingers well. most of these things are prehistoric, i will scan polaroids of the rest.

good night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


do you know what this means?

i sold the first hat - right off my head to E. Benjamin Smith
while walking around gloucester.

i will list hats on etsy as soon as i can.

starting a micro business on the internet is
incredibly convenient.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


i bought some wool at beverly bootstraps.
it came in the form of some crummy old clothing:

'pattern matching' on large patterns:

here are a few hat crowns - made from the wool coats,
and the pattern matched fabric.


the sacks fifth avenue overcoat yielded a nice hat or 2:
(in combination with the hagar sportcoat)


i chose version 2-
$32.00 for 50 damask woven labels from
everest label dot com.
they should be here within a week.
i picked everest label
over the 5 or so label companies online
because their short run labels were:

(caution - bulleted list)

• are delivered within days, not weeks.
• sucked far less aesthetically
• were 100% woven
• still inexpensive
• low minimum quantity

tired of counting too high for numbered lists?
can't form a sentence?
try new bulleted list!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i am missing my wool vegan anarchist cyclist hat that
i bought from orange20 in L.A.
so, i made a replacement.

i have a bunch of fabric that i'm mad at, i used that
for prototyping. to
start i made a wheel
hat from a simplicity pattern

six panel - five tries
these are the prototypes.

i found that on a small piece like a hat, very
small changes to the pattern made a great
difference in fit.



i used "bull denim" for the hatband and the underside of the peak.
yes, that is called a peak.

automotive headliner vinyl gives the
peak it's rigidity.

this may be the last of my labels.
i think most of them ended up in a parking lot in barstow.


wow, his machine actually dose what is supposed to when i use it how it was intended, with the parts that came with the machine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


the entire marketing department is fired.

simplicity pattern, printed on cingalese toilet paper.
later on, i'll make the hat included in this pattern.

the same pattern - usefullized by being super 77'd to bristol.

here is eve's vest, waiting for buttons, and button holes.
it fits perfec! bottom hem not yet stitched.

i bought a yard of this for hats - 100 per cent wool.


the "nutter amateur wallet company" was chugging along at 265 cabot making vinyl wallets with the 3115, but i wanted to take it to the next level, i wanted to pull away from paul frank in terms of quality of materials.

in 2002 i bought some hides from ebinger - near the ipswich train station, i changed the name to "matthew nutter apartment made goods" and using the same walletpatterns, hammering out a good pattern for a bag, made a good quantity of items and sold them at cafe umi in portland maine, the friendly toast (portsmouth NH), anywhere i freelanced, a gift shop in new london NH (an account serviced by my mom) and mass art's 'punk rock flea market'.
i continued with production right up until i moved to california in 2007.
here are some shots of my setup at the PRFM:

lots of fun applique and fur.
(cafe umi)

writs straps,
belts, tobacco pouches

the crow bag was a custom order for the eaton family.

the maori fish hook bag was a gift

the leopard bag was another custom piece.

the price for custom work?
double, plus materials.


i should be sewing, but i'm watching buster keaton's 'steamboat bill jr.' - 1928.
-serious oxford bags-

...and writing about doing something instead of doing something.

the other day i had eve try on the shell of the vest, that i had already
clipped and notched. the cut wasn't exactly right so i "scooped" out
the neckline by a couple inches (see photo) and stitched the seams.
next steps go fast - clip, notch, turn right side out, press and stitch edges.
maybe tonight.