Wednesday, February 3, 2010


the "nutter amateur wallet company" was chugging along at 265 cabot making vinyl wallets with the 3115, but i wanted to take it to the next level, i wanted to pull away from paul frank in terms of quality of materials.

in 2002 i bought some hides from ebinger - near the ipswich train station, i changed the name to "matthew nutter apartment made goods" and using the same walletpatterns, hammering out a good pattern for a bag, made a good quantity of items and sold them at cafe umi in portland maine, the friendly toast (portsmouth NH), anywhere i freelanced, a gift shop in new london NH (an account serviced by my mom) and mass art's 'punk rock flea market'.
i continued with production right up until i moved to california in 2007.
here are some shots of my setup at the PRFM:

lots of fun applique and fur.
(cafe umi)

writs straps,
belts, tobacco pouches

the crow bag was a custom order for the eaton family.

the maori fish hook bag was a gift

the leopard bag was another custom piece.

the price for custom work?
double, plus materials.

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