Monday, February 15, 2010


Q: i've been sewing for a while, why am i not better at it?
A: because i typically make just one of any given item.

a partial list of sewing projects:

peg existing jeans
peg antique tuxedo pants
attempt to make tailcoat out of billboard material
goretex bivy bag
1 - 6' long stocking cap, polar fleece - rust red
aprox. 750 "matt hatter" polartec 200 6' long sticking caps
aprox 750 polartec 200 "matt hatter"headbands, ear warmers and scarfs.
aprox. 30 polartec 200 sleeping bag liners.
aprox 300 polartec "bag project" cycling water bottle bags.
BFA thesis - inflatable movable type 6' tall
misc. involvement with "armadillo cycle covers"
blue plaid bondage pants
"nutter amature wallet company" vinyl wallets - possibly 100
"matthew nutter apartment made goods" roughly 100 leather wallets,
50 small pouches, 40 handbags, 40 bracelets.
leather hearth mat "N" for the folks, for christmass.
1 male and 1 female 1440's costumes - winter - including all accessories.
tailor victorian pants and shirt.
fix roomates pants
make and install lining for civil war shell jacket.
tailor shirt and make vest from pattern for wedding
fix thom's pants
make another vest just for practice
make wool houndstooth riding pants
make eve a vest
make eve a vegan anarchist cyclist hat
make 6 more hats and list them on etsy.

there is a whole ton of other miscelaneous fixing and tailoring that i missed or can't type with two fingers well. most of these things are prehistoric, i will scan polaroids of the rest.

good night.

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  1. make vintage mens bathing suit based on the film "jules and jim" - exquisite.