Monday, March 1, 2010


i've taken several days off for birthday festivities in maine and massachusetts. it is time to get back at it.
mark lovett is having another show of "art", art, Art, and in my case, something a little less practical - craft. the show is called 'brainfood' and is being held at his eastern boarder location in danvers, march thirteenth.

i have some sewing to do and therefore i have to set the whole mess back up. the new tags came in and i'm going to retire the remainder of the 'made especially for you" tags.

i need a head model for smaller sizes and larger sizes. so i can photograph more hats for etsy.

i added a photo of my logo from the "matt hatter" era, at that time i was making hats from malden mills polar tec 200

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  1. I have a very small head. I will be your hat model. Lis Lourie's head is very big. I'm sure she will help as well.