Monday, May 10, 2010

cezanne's bather

the point:
i went fabric shopping in new york city!

this place rules, i went to a handful of other no name shops
with mixed results. one fine shop sold fabric for men's clothing
exclusively. and i'm not talking about celtics green polyester or
rhinestone and dragon undershirt material.

i was on the hunt for either jean wool or double knit wool.
the knit wool being for the next project: 1920s men's bathing costume.

this is a yard of a mistery wool knit, possibly from the 1960's -
there is about 3 yards left, and at $49. per. yard it's going to stay put
until i have a need for it.
it combined with a dark gray heather knit wool will be the second
suit i make.
the idea is that the heavier wool, and victorian style full coverage
will make swimming in the cold new england waters more comfortable.
unfortunately the only suitable fabric for this look is not inexpensive.

i'm still searching for a more economical solution as it takes a yard and a half to make a suit.
there is nobody else who offers this type of suit on the internet, except the gentlemans emporium. a friend of mine has one of theirs and it is 2 piece and made from light weight t-shirt material, and was coming unstitched everywhere, not to mention the poor fit.

driving to new york to shop for fabric is highly recommended - just bring a fully loaded wallet.

i'm totally stoked about this stripe - here is a sketch:


  1. there is definitely a need for this, as I have searched several times in the past few years for myself and other people! the one you made Zack is so fabulous.

  2. thanks, i'm glad you like it!
    i just found a stash of vintage bill blass wool.
    keeping the cost down is almost impossible, because i want to use the best quality fabric i can find.

    i'll be field testing my suit in a day or so.