Thursday, January 28, 2010


notions and fabric -

.never stop looking for decent fabric.

here is a well modified pattern:
the button holes have been moved, the torso shortened and the neckline changed - it's easy, like welding.

not just patterns, but good patterns, and even those sometimes contain mistakes and always need adjusting. this one is from buckaroo bobbins, they are well explained and illustrated. most patterns (vogue, butterick, simplicity and all that garbage) are printed on tissue ('onion skin' paper, or trace (ing paper)) and need to be xeroxed onto 'bond' to be usable to humans. with patterns you need to follow the instructions to a "T" and read ahead and be accurate - the creativity is more in the picking of materials and notions.

i usually use motor oil, i bought this to burn 'extra' cash or for the convenient bottle. it really does help the machine run properly.

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