Saturday, January 23, 2010


do the whole world a favor and get a rotary cutter and as large as you can afford cutting mat - they go on sale at joann 'fabrics' about every half-hour.
this is the only one i have owned - got it in 1989 on a whim.

this is the last surviving sears 3/4 overlock machine from the "matt hatter" days - i used to burn through one of these a winter, and commonly had a spare still in the box waiting for it's turn. this one is a trooper, it has had several rebuilds under warranty, and about 5 replacement blades.

i bought the singer 3115 in 1992 from a friend for $75, and the table clutch and motor from james demer for $100. i bought it for the huge volume of stitching involved with my batchelor of fine arts thesis.
(no photograph available)

i bought the plastic home sewing machine new in 1990 for $120 it has 1 tuneup and still runs great within it's limitations. notice the 1/2" seam allowance marked in tape on the machine.

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